...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Be Fashionable In An Affordable Way

Dolled UP by Fang Red Sheer Belted Graphic Top

LA Class Snake-Print Top

JFW By Just For Wraps Pink Stripe Maxi Dress
 Who's to say that you have to buy expensive clothes to be fashionable? If you are patient enough, you will find some very reasonable prices on clothing, shoes and accessories online and even-in stores. Now that summer is almost over, this is the perfect time to buy summer clothes. I know there are some that thinks it is useless to buy summer clothes now since the cold weather is coming. Actually, in my opinion, this is the time to buy a bunch of them, your money won't go to waste because you can always wear it the next summer and plus the good deals and savings you'll get buying off-season clothing! DUH! 

I never buy clothing that are over $10, I always buy those that are on sale. What's the difference? Sale or not sale, they're still brand new! Anyway, this week I got some pretty good deals on clothes! Like I said on my previous post I bought some that were as low as $2 and they weren't cheap quality either. They just didn't come from unknown store, like it is a very reputable store who sells expensive and high quality clothing and other household stuff. Anyway, above pictures are few of my favorite tops that I bought from that store, but I am not keeping those, they are truly pretty in person! The maxi dress is already sold and some others that I didn't include...

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