...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Birthday To My Amazing Husband!

Today is a double celebration for us. It is Halloween and it is also my husband's birthday! Well actually, it is also my mother's birthday but since she's in the Philippines hers was yesterday there but it is today here. I already called there last night and wished her happy birthday. We talked for over 30 minutes and we had a great time talking. It has been a while since we talked that long. God knows how much I miss my mother and my other family in there Philippines!

Anyhow, I didn't get my husband a cake, so I just made him this Key Lime Pie, hopefully he'll like it. He's not into that much sweet but I'm sure he'll at least taste it since I made it specially for his birthday. We are not doing anything special, in fact, we are stuck and couldn't go anywhere because there is still a lot of snow outside! But I know my husband really well, he'd rather just stay home and celebrate it here exclusively than going out somewhere to eat. So I planned to cook some lasagna tonight for supper. I know that's nothing special but since like I said we couldn't go out, it will just have to do. Sometimes, you just got to make the best out of something! The main thing for me is, my husband will have a good time on his special day!

Anyway, I know he won't be able to read this but I still want to greet him Happy, Happy Birthday my wonderful husband! All the things that you have done for me is very much appreciated from the very bottom of my heart! And I also want to greet everybody a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! TRICK OR TREAT!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Branded Boots For Less Than $10

Yes you heard it right. I bought 3 pairs of these boots pictured above and only paid $7.98 including shipping and tax! Why so cheap? Well, the 3 boots was on sale for 1 cent each! I couldn't be any happier with this purchase. Hands down the best deal I have ever gotten online! The shipping and tax was more expensive than these boots combined!

Anyhow, I got two pairs of boots of the first pic, the sizes left were 6 and 6.5 and size 5 of the second pic. They're not my sizes but bought it anyway so that I can resell in online! The size 6 of the first pic is already sold and the size 6.5 is reserved. So only the size 5 is left. This is just too good to be true but it's real!!!! I would have not believed it if I weren't the one who bought it!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glad To Be Out Today

I am sure glad that I got to go out today and enjoyed the beautiful day today. It was just the perfect weather for me! The sun was shining brightly but not so hot and it was a little breezy. It was a perfect day for our little errands. My little one enjoyed our day out too! I didn't hear him utter a single cry even when he was just sitting in his carseat for a while and sitting in the cart at the store being so patient with me and my mother-in-law. He enjoyed looking at the toys and was having a good time. I always appreciate days like these! Well, it won't be long before snow days will come, there won't be much days like today!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best Creatine Powder

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carolina and Tennessee Mountains

My first grader had their first field trip this school year last Friday to some farm in Tennessee. Me and my mother-in-law chaperoned him but drove in a separate vehicle. I tell you, I totally enjoyed that trip although it was a little long. I usually go to sleep when we go on a trip like that but the mountains were just too pretty for me to just go to sleep! So while my mother-in-law was driving, I was busy snapping pictures of the mountains but only caught a few that are decent.

The first picture is one of the decent ones that I took. I mean look at those pretty trees, who would not appreciate there beauty? The second and third pics were taken at the farm in Tennessee when we arrived. It was just a beautiful place there with a very gorgeous 360 views! I totally enjoyed that field trip although me and my mother-in-law both were exhausted from a very long walk all over the farm. It wouldn't have not been that exhausting if I didn't forget to take my youngest son's stroller. So I was having to carry him the whole time. My left arm is still hurting until now. But anyway, it was all worth it because I enjoyed the field trip especially the very beautiful views!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Handsomest Little Pirate

Here come's the handsomest pirate I have ever laid eyes on! Not being so conceited but I think he is the just the cutest pirate you'll ever seen! LOL! Ohhh, my youngest son just look so dang adorable in his first Halloween costume! I couldn't wait to show him off on Halloween. Hopefully we will be able to go to the mall to trick or treat...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Mums For Fall

These mums pictured above are my newly bought plants 2 weeks ago for Fall! I used to have multiple plants that comes back every year but my mother-in-law's dogs killed them. So I had to buy new plants for this year's Fall. I didn't have to but it helps our yard to have some colors since all my flowering plants are not bearing any colorful flowers anymore, except for those supposed to flower until Fall. 

I so love the colors of these mums that I picked out! I just hope that they'll come back again next year, coz I really don't like to have to keep buying every Fall season! These mums are still in its original pots and I do not intend to replant them in the dirt. Maybe I can take them inside the house when winter comes!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

His First Halloween Costume!

I just bought this Pirate Halloween costume for my youngest son a few minutes ago. I can already imagine how he'd like in this costume, so dang cuteeee! I can't wait to get this and try it on him! I was gonna get the one that I saw at Walmart a week ago, it was tiger costume which would have been so much cheaper than this but I think I like this one much, much better! So glad I didn't buy the tiger one at Walmart coz I think he'll look much cuter in this than the tiger costume! 

Anyway, my oldest son already has a costume that my mother-in-law bought for him and it's a Luigi costume like he specially requested. I am really excited for this coming Halloween, it is also my hubby's birthday! I want to take my kids trick or treating at the mall! Hopefully we will be able to go!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beautiful Colors Of Fall

Saturday we went to this local heritage festival in our area. It was such an amazing event! So much good different foods were sold everywhere, All-American like smoked barbecue, baked beans, creamed corn, coleslaw and more, then there's a little bit of Italian which were sold at our booth, meatballs sub sandwich and the best part for me was the authentic Mexican foods! Ohh I so love the spicy tamales as well as the gorditas and quesadillas!

Anyway, another best part for me there was taking a bunch of photos of everything but mostly of my kids having such a wonderful time. I also got to take photos of the beautiful colors of Fall. The trees and the leaves looked really beautiful although the weather was a bit chilly and the sun was not out. Well, anyhow, pictures below are some that I took of the said event...


Thursday, October 4, 2012

My New Wireless Shutter Release Has Arrived

Wow that was fast! I bought me a Neewer Wireless Shutter Release for my dslr camera the other day and it has arrived today! I am always a satisfied customer of Amazon. They ship their products pretty fast. Anyway, so I got to try and it works great. I don't know why I didn't think about buying this long before now! Now I can pose anytime I want to without using the self-timer and don't have to worry about a blurry shot! LOL!

My Lovely Gerber Daisy Is Blooming Again

I so love that my Gerber Daisy is blooming again. This lovely bloom is helping giving color to our pitiful looking yard! It looks really gloomy and very depressing since we are now in Fall season, the leaves are starting to fall and of course my flowering plants are not producing any blooms anymore except for those that are supposed to bloom in Fall season. So I am really happy with my Gerber Daisy but I am gonna have to replant it to another pot and take inside the house so that it will stay alive in winter!

Patronizing American Products

If each one of us will start buying American products, perhaps our economy will get a lot better than it is now. It is such a shame that most of us couldn't or wouldn't support our own products here at home. There are a few that started buying American products that I saw on World News. Anyway I really believe that our economy will get better even simply buying an american cigars would be great. Just imagine how many people out there who smokes cigars!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flattering Compliments

Last Sunday, I didn't really intend to go to church but I changed my mind when I woke up that morning. So pictures above is obviously of me posing right after we came home from church. My son took these photos on my Ipod.

Anyway, I received a few compliments on my outfit at church. This woman came to me and told me that she really admire that I go to church every week with my two boys (10 month old and a 6-years old) in tow. She also said that I always look pretty and fashionable and I handle myself very well. I thought that was so nice of her to say those things to me which I didn't really expect hearing that from anybody at all!

I do not consider myself pretty at all, just an average looking gal but I was really flattered of what she said. And another girl at the grocery store also commented on my outfit and said that she especially like my lacy blazer. I received a lot of compliments on that blazer and it is really cute. I am so glad that I bought it and didn't have to pay the full price because it was on sale!