...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coupon Haven

Who doesn't like to save money? As hard as it is, using coupons here and there can be a big help to someone. I am not one of those hardcore couponers but if I see an opportunity to save money by using coupons, I will surely be so glad to do it. When I am buying online, the first thing that I do is to find a coupon to maybe save a little money and this is when I came across this site called Shopaholic Mommy where so many valuable coupon codes available you can use online, from top clothing stores like Kohls to printing companies like printplace. This is indeed a coupon haven to those who loves couponing!

In fact, if you need to print something important, there are Coupons For Printplace available right now. All you have to do is click any of the provided links that you see here and you will be able to see the codes once you are on the site! Please visit and start saving money by using coupon codes!

Miss The Sunny Days Already!

Pictures above were taken few days ago when we had the beautiful weather two days in a row. It is so freaking cold right now, inside and out. Our heater is still out and still waiting for the return label from the company to come in the mail so we can send the heater to have it fix once again! 

Anyhow, I am just so glad that at least I let my youngest son played outside when we had that warm and beautiful weather the other day. He had a lot of fun and if it was up to him, he could have stayed out there all day. Looking at the pictures above is making me miss the sunny days already! I can't hardly wait for the spring to come!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Camp Chateaugay

I would really love to send my oldest son to a summer camp this summer. He has never been to a summer camp before. The only time he has been a camp trip was when we went to gold mining and camped out overnight. I am sure he doesn't remember anything about it because he was only less than a year old then. But now that he will be turning seven years old this year, I would really love for him to go to a summer camp. 

He is in a Cub Scout now, I am not sure if they will going to a summer camp for summer but I know they said something about camping. I don't think it is the same thing though. I would really love for him to go to Camp Chateaugay. Such a ideal place for young kids his age and even adults to camp. Kids from all over the country comes there to enjoy the fun-filled activities that no kids nor adult will never forget. This would be a perfect opportunity for my son to socialize and meet new friends from different side of the wold.

But this is just not up to me, got to talk to my husband about it and see if we even have the money to send him there. I really wish we could. I am sure it will be one of the most memorable summers he will ever have!

Over 14-Month Old Already

Time does fly indeed! Look at my youngest son over 14 months old already! The first two pictures were taken just today few hours apart and the last pic was taken yesterday. And of course they were taken via Instagram, can you tell? Hehe! I just love it and I am not ashame to say that I am addicted to it! I know I am not alone on that, I guarantee you!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Orchid Island Realty

Planning on moving somewhere warmer? I wish I could say yes to that! But for those of you who are currently looking for that perfect place, you may want to check out Orchid Island Realty! The name alone sounds so warm already! Well it doesn't really mean that the place is an orchid paradise, it is just the name. 

Anyway, if you check the link provided, you will see that the place mentioned above is such an ideal place to live for those who prefer a much warmer weather. This Orchid Island is a golf and beach community which is bordered east by the Atlantic ocean and west by the Indian river. Private community with so much amenities to offer, so many indeed that I can't list all of it. You just got to visit the site and check it out for yourself!

I L♥ve Instagram!

Who doesn't love Instagram anyway? I am literally addicted to it now! I just love how you can edit your picture and give it a unique look! An example of it is below..

The picture was taken a few days ago using my dslr camera. I always prefer using my dslr camera for the fact that the quality is so much better than just using my Ipod. It's more work to do it but I like the result much better. Well although the instagram pic is not really high resolution picture, I still like it anyway. 

I am still trying to learn how to manually edit a picture using photoshop but I haven't been doing it for a while now. I need a lot of practice! But anyway, I am enjoying the instant effect Instagram has to offer, I'll be using it as long as it won't cost me any penny! ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Unwinding In The Middle Of The Ocean

All this below freezing temperature is definitely making me miss my home country the Philippines more! I wish we can go there right now and enjoy the very warm weather in one of the beautiful white sandy beaches there! If only I or we had the money to go! Or better yet, if we had one of those luxury boats like yatcht we can just go to a warmer place and unwind in the middle of the ocean! How lucky are those who already has one.

Anyway, speaking of yacht, if you or someone you know currently looking for yacht ladders, the best place to get it is by clicking the link provided here. They have so many to choose from and can even customized one for you for a perfect fit. Visit the site and find what you are looking for and start your  little trip to paradise!

No School Due To Slippery Roads

My first grader has no school today. It was canceled this morning just before we got up to get ready. The school called, it was the automatic phone call and said that there won't be no school today. There is no snow outside yet but the roads are really slippery due to black ice and I heard on the news that there are so many wrecks already happening! 

I am just glad that the school recognizes this kind of danger. I totally agree that if the road is not a safe place for anybody to drive that it should be avoided. Better be safe than sorry!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Biography Of Martin Hanaka

Have you ever heard of martin hanaka? Well, he is a very successful businessman who became Chief Executive Officer of Golfsmith International Holdings. Golfsmith International Holdings is a retailer of gold, tennis equipment as well as apparel and accessories. This business has been around for 40-years. If you want to know more about this man, you can click just click his name and read more about him.

Beauty Stuff From VS For Less Than $20

I bought these stuff at Victoria's Secret last night and only paid a little over $17 for all of it. The Beauty Rush Lip gloss originally sells for $7 each but was on sale for $2.99, the eyeshadow kit is originally $15 each, on sale price was $8.99 each, I bought two, total for the two is $17.98 and lastly the Mist is originally $14 but was on sale for $4.99. Victoria's Secret was still having their semi-annual sale that's why the sales prices on those stuff are really cheap.

I would have not pay any attention to it except that I received a $10 reward card from them last week and still didn't have plan on using it until I checked their site last night and they were having a free shipping with a purchase of $25 or more. So I combined the semi-annual sales plus the free shipping with a purchase of $25 or more plus my $10 reward card and the result? I got all of that stuff for less than 20 bucks! Now that's what I call a good deal! ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Atrium Wall Coverings

Are you currently doing some home improvements? Thinking about changing those antiquated looking walls? If so, if I may recommend the perfect place to buy a new replacement for those old looking walls is from Atrium Wallcoverings. This site not only offers a wide range of wall
coverings but as well as handcrafted one-of-a-kind ones that you won't be able to find somewhere else. This site also offers glasscloth and specialty wall coverings. So many to choose from that you will surely find the perfect wall coverings that will suit your taste and personality.

If I was shopping for new wall coverings, I am definitely getting it from this site. There are just so many beautiful ones that I would love to put on our walls. But who knows one day, so I am gonna save this site in case I will be looking for wall coverings in the future or perhaps if one of my friends will be looking, I will highly recommend this site...

Booties For Less Than Five Bucks!

Isn't it a bargain? I got these cute booties on one of my favorite stores online! It was on sale for a little over $9 but since they had a promotion of 50% off selected sale items, I only paid less than $5 for it. I didn't need anymore shoes but this kind of a deal is hard for me to resist. So took advantage of it and bought it anyway. I have to options to choose from, either keep for myself  or try to resell it online.

But I got to think about it thoroughly. These booties are really cute in person and I don't have the wedge style yet. It is really hard to decide to keep it because I do not have anymore room in my closet. I really got to find or make a place dedicated for my shoes and handbags. This is the time that I wish that we have a bigger house than we have now! SIGH!

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Homes Jensen Beach

A few days ago, on one of the groups that I am a member to, one member posted a message asking for suggestions and opinions to the other members about the place to live in America where the weather is almost as warm as in the Philippines and the living expenses are not too expensive. There are a lot of members who gave their suggestions and opinions. The most state that they recommended was Florida. They said that it is just like the weather in the Philippines. In winter time, you can still pretty much wear shorts if you want to, they said.

As far as the living expenses, everybody pretty much agreed that it all depends on the lifestyle you are accustom to which I can very well agree! Anyway, the next time I visit the group, I will make sure to tell her about New Homes Jensen Beach. So many beautiful single-family homes located in a gated community in Martin County. With so many surrounding attractions and amenities like beaches, shopping, dining and cultural venues, anybody would surely enjoy living here!

My Favorite Fashion And Photography Quotes

Of all the quotes that I have read about fashion and photography, below are my most favorite quotes...


"Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong."
~Adriana Lima


"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, or loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."
~Aaron Siskind

Products you can Buy From Herball City LLC

Guest post written by Molly R
When looking to get products to help make your mood more enjoyable there are some places you can go to get them. While they may provide you with some quality products, there is often a better place to go when looking to purchase such products. A good place to go when looking to get high quality smoke products is Herbal City LLC. With Herbal City LLC consumers canpurchase a number of different products to enhance their mood.
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One of the products that you can buy from Herbal City LLC is herbal potpourri. This product will help you relax and feel much better. One of the main types of herbal potpourri is incense. This is a product that allows you to light a match, put into a container and then allow smoke to come in and once you inhale it, you'll feel on top of the world. 

Like a number of other products out there you can purchase the Herbal potpourri from Herbal City LLC there are brands you can get. Among these brands are Madhatter, Joker and King Kong. You can also benefit by getting other brands such as Black Sabbathand Funky Monkey. With all of these options consumers can use a umber of different options to take advantage of when looking to get quality smoke products from Herbal City LLC.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christian Gifts For Her

My stepdaughter will be turning 17 years old next week. She will be celebrating her birthday down in Florida as usual and she wants us to come but unfortunately we just can't do it due to the fact that we do not have the money to fly down there.

Anyhow, although we already sent her birthday gifts in the mail just this morning, I am still trying to find her something else. She's been having troubles lately and maybe an inspiring gift would be a wonderful addition. I am looking at Christian gifts for her online. This site really has some very nice gifts that a teenager like my stepdaughter would love.

Thankful For The Blessings

For weeks and weeks, I have been complaining about not receiving any tasks and yesterday I finally received several and one just a few minutes ago. So thankful for every little blessings that the LORD GOD showers my way! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you LORD!

More Temptation In The Mail

I just went to the mailbox a few minutes ago to check our mail. First thing that caught my eyes was this Victoria's secret coupon. I knew it some kind of coupon and when I opened it was indeed a $10 reward card. I guess I've spent $250 already on their store since you only get it when you spend that much. Hmmm, I really don't know what to think of it. I don't think I will use it because it will only mean that I will have buy something from their store in order to use it. I might just give it away for I really don't need to spend anymore penny and GOD knows how much I already spent this past few weeks!

Buy Your Coffee Equipment Here

Looking to buy big bulk of coffee equipment? Then you came to the right place! Just click the link provided here and you will be able to find what you are looking for including coffee brewing systems, single serve brewing, home coffee makers as well as grinders, cappuccino brewers and all that stuff that has anything to do with coffee. Just browse around until and see what they have.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Is All Melted

I thought for sure we will have a very think snow within an hour when it started pouring out this afternoon. I mean it was pouring so fast and the flakes were so big but it stopped and what we had accumulated on the ground is now all melted. Thank goodness for I wasn't looking forward of having 3 to 6 inches of snow outside and be stuck inside the house. But I better not expect too much, it might snow again tonight which I am hoping it won't!

Keratin Control Treatments

I finally decided to have a haircut the other day. Me and my mother-in-law went to the salon to have my hair cut really short and highlighted. I have been having so much trouble with my hair that I thought it was for the best to have it really short. 

For some reason, my hair has been really hard for me to deal with before I decided to cut it. And every time I get in the shower, there are so many hairs that come off! I mean I know that it is normal for some hairs to come off but there is just too much in my opinion. I really thought that my hair is damaged really bad that I was even thinking of doing keratin control treatments

I think I still need to do it because even though my hair is mostly cut, it is still very dry and breaks very easy. I really want to have a healthy hair and shiny looking, but with my hair being naturally curly, it might be impossible to make it look like the way I want it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Addition For Winter

So there goes one of my New Year's resolutions down the toilet. Somebody really needs to punch me on the face for I am unstoppable. I really hate myself sometimes for doing it but I just really can't help it especially when I see that it is a good deal. So these boots and animal-print jacket that you see in the pictures above I bought two weeks ago. They were on sale for less than $10 each on one of my favorites stores online. That's why it was so hard for me to just ignore it and look the other way. 

Anyhow, what's bad about it is, I don't regret buying those, but I did feel bad that I spent my money when I am suppose to save it so I can pay my debts! I just keep breaking my promise not to spend another penny. There are just too many good deals online and no matter how many times I put it in my head not to check, I just couldn't do it! But anyway, I will try to put an effort not to spend anymore penny after all my orders arrive in the mail!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Car Parts Online

Thanks to the internet for making life so much easier. I mean I know that there are disadvantages too, but the internet is actually very useful! It enables you to buy some things that you are unable to get at the store like perhaps car parts that are out of stock. With the use of the internet, you can just find a store online by typing just typing some keywords like car parts in los angeles and it will give results of different stores online.

I Collect Angel Figurines

I used to collect angel figurines and picture above is one of those angels that I have acquired in the past years. It is actually given to me by my mother-in-law not too long ago. If she sees angel figurine somewhere and thinks that I might like it, she always buys it for me. I feel so lucky and truly grateful that I have a very kind, loving and generous mother-in-law. Although sometimes, we don't always agree on some things but we truly love and care for each other.

Not everybody is as lucky as me when it comes to their in-laws. I have known a lot of people that has a cat and dog relationship with their in-laws and I am just glad that I am not one of them! But anyway, this angel garden figurine is just one of those angels that she gave me over the past years. And I truly appreciate every little and big things she does for me and my family!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Need A More Updated Phone

Yesterday my mother-in-law told me that one of her friends made a comment about her cell phone being outdated. She has a flip phone and so am I. It got me to thinking that I seriously need a more updated mobile phone. Rigt now I am comparing a mobile phone price online to see what kind of phone I can get without costing me arm and leg a month! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Primp And Prep With Your Girlfriends!

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But a friendly reminder, you must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly!

Primp & Prep with your girl friends with a bang and catch everybody's attention with the help of this site's tips and guides. Go out with confidence and show everyone you know something that they don't! Let you and your girl friends be the envy of every girls and let them wonder what do you all girls have that they don't have! Be the center of the attention and the apple in the eyes of every guys in town!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

I Love My New Angel

One of the presents that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas is this lighted angel pictured above. I just love how it lights up, as you can see it changes colors too. I like to turn it on at night especially when the lights are all off because it is the only thing that you will see when it's dark. 

This is a perfect reminder that when we are in our darkest days, GOD sent out our guardian angels to be there at our sides, to protect us and guide us the to the right path..

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ballerina Gift Ideas

I know Christmas is over but there is no rules why you couldn't give anybody a late Christmas presents. If you have a family member who is a ballerina and you're trying to find a late Christmas presents or perhaps looking for an upcoming birthday presents, you can always click and check out this ballerina gift ideas to hopefully find the perfect gift for that special one! As what they always say, it's better late than never!

Bought New Cases For My IPod!

I can't wait for my new Ipod cases to arrive in the mail next week or so! I just bought two on ebay. I thought I needed a new one because the one that I am using right now is not really a hard case and sometimes my little one gets a hold of it and throws it or use it for a hammer. If it breaks, I won't be able to afford a new one. So it's for the best that I bought the hard case.

I didn't really need two but there was just many pretty ones to choose from and these two shown above are the ones that really caught my attention. I just love animal prints and I love butterflies too! The best thing about this purchase is, I only paid 75 cents for the two cases including shipping! That made it even better!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finding a New Dentist for Your Family

Guest post written by Alexandra B

If you are considering having your teeth cleaned or if you are experiencing pain in the mouth, finding a dentist that is right for you is recommended to avoid potential infections, bacteria and further problems involving your teeth, tongue and gums. When you want to find a new dentist for yourself and your entire household, doing so is possible with the use of the online community Castle Dental.

Visiting a dentist is recommended at least twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings to help with preventing cavities and potential diseases ranging from gum disease to advanced heart diseases and oral cancers. Finding the right dentist can help you to get the appointment you need in a timely manner while providing the services requested for you and your entire family.

Why Compare Dentists Online?

There are many advantages to searching for a new dentist for your family online, including the ability to save time while you have more options than when using traditional local listings regardless of the city or state you reside in. When you are comparing dentists online, you can do so based on whether you are seeking generic dental services, cosmetic treatments such as veneers, or even specialty dental services if you are looking for gum disease treatment or root canal surgery.

Searching for a dentist online with Castle Dental is a way to quickly locate specific contact information and directions to various dental offices that are appealing to you, accept your insurance and provide the type of services you have in mind.