...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Toronto Dance Auditions

Each of us is good at doing something. Some have more to offer than others. Have you figured out what you're good at? As for me, I'm not really sure what I do best. I know I like a lot of things like oil-painting, crafting, scrapbooking and gardening. People that have seen my oil paintings have told me how beautiful my paintings were and that I should sell it. I am just not confident enough to do it. Maybe when I get enough confidence I might start a business oil painting as well as scrapbooking and crafting.

Anyway, there are some people that are full of talents when it comes to singing and dancing! I love to sing and dance but singing is just not meant for me! Dancing however, I can do a little. Sometimes when I watch those concerts that have backup dancers in the background, I kinda wish that I could do it one day. I really enjoy dancing but not good enough to try for toronto dance auditions. But maybe if I practice I could get better. But I just don't have the time to do that right now since I have two kids to take care of. A one year old especially who demands my full attention!

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