...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shoe Perfect For Spring

image is from zulily.com
I love the color of the shoe shown above. The color is just perfect for Spring. I would love to own it but it is just too expensive for my taste. This shoe is on sale right now at zulily.com for $34+ which I thought is too expensive! 

I only have two pairs of shoes which are boots that cost me over $20 when I bought them. When you buy them in an expensive stores like Kohls and Belks, you can never really find them cheaper than that. But other than those two pairs, all my shoes only cost me less than $15 each when I bought them, there were even pairs that I bought brand new that cost me as low as $4.99. 

If you just know how, where and when to look, you will be amazed at how cheap you can buy these shoes. Oh did I mention that I've bought a brand new Guess Shoes before that were only 1 cents each? Oh yes! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep them because they weren't my size but I bought them for the purpose of reselling it! Only paid less than $8 for 3 pairs of Guess boots and that's including shipping and tax! Now that's what I call a bargain!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lucky Bamboo And Orchids

So sweet of my husband for bringing me gifts when he came home from his little errand earlier today. It's the second time he has done it, although the gifts are not much but it means so much to me that I can't even tell it in words.

The other day, he wanted to go to Walmart, I did not feel like going so it was just him and my mother-in-law who went. When he came back home, he got me and the kids some presents. He got me an Orchid plant and today he got me another Orchid and Lucky Bamboo plant which I love very much. The first Orchid that he got me the other day was on sale, so it needs some TLC. He bought some Orchid fertilizer which I used on the other one right away. I don't doubt that I will be able to bring it back to health, just need a little time to recuperate...

Anyway, here they are below..

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Got For Less Than $56 At G by Guess

images are from gbyguess.com
I am really bad at breaking my own words. I've said so many times that I wasn't going to spend any more penny online but here I am blogging about what I got at gbyguess.com a few hours ago.

So a week ago I received coupons from them, a $25 off a $75 purchase for me and another one for $20 off $75 purchase that I can give to whoever I want to. I didn't think that I was going to use the $25 off since $75 is a lot of money to spend. But then I got to thinking, maybe if I wait when they'll have their 50% off Sales items, I will be able to get a good deal using the coupon.

Well, they've been having the 50% off sales items since the other day. I didn't really have the time to check because I got busy doing other things until today. So the above items are what I got, the total before coupon was a little over $77 that's including tax, and oh I got a free shipping out it too because they ship it for free if your order reach to $75, so that's another plus! After my $25 off coupon, I paid less than $56 which I think is still a lot of money. But if you really think of how much you could've paid for all of these, it would be over $100. So I guess this is acceptable in my book...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Tucking-In In?

So is tucking in a shirt or top is in? Absolutely! It is one of latest trends these days. I never was a big fan of tucking in my tops but I wanted to try it out. This picture above was taken two weeks ago before we were heading to church. I didn't get to take a solo picture of me so excuse my adorable son and my opened purse that you can definitely see what's inside! LOL!

Anyway, back to the topic. I saw this model on one of my favorite stores online wearing almost identical to what I was wearing in the picture. I thought the combination of the satin-feel like material top and animal print jeans looked really cute and so that was my inspiration behind this outfit! I find it really cute although there might be some people out there that wouldn't agree with me, that's well and fine. We all like different things and have different taste, so it is understandable!

But anyhow, this might not be the last time that I'll be tucking my shirt but of course that depends on the style of the top! Although the Spring has officially started a week ago but it is still impossible to be wearing Spring clothes as cold as it is! So I am really looking forward for a more spring-like weather that we are supposed to be having, so I can pack up my winter wardrobes and get my new spring and summer clothes out!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter Is Not Done Yet!

Spring officially started a week ago but looking at these pictures above which were taken just a few hours ago, it is very well obvious that Winter is not going anywhere yet! This is the second time it snowed since Spring started and I am so fed up with it! Can't go anywhere when there's that much snow outside! I hope this is the last of it! I want to see some colors outside, not just white!

Wednesday Whites

Monday, March 25, 2013

7 For $26 Undies At Victoria's Secrets Plus 2 Secret Reward Cards

To those who is a big fan of Victoria's Secrets and didn't know that they are having their famous 7 for $26 Undies plus free 2 Secret Reward Cards, head on to their store or website for it is the last day today! Since the other night I have been going back and forth and adding undies to my cart and debating to wether buy it or not! I already signed in to my account and was getting ready to place my order but I just suddenly changed my mind. I really didn't need it! It was just my addictive side that's kicking in!

Anyway, I really love their undies and this would have been a nice deal to take advantage of plus you get 2 Secret Reward Cards which could worth up to $500. But the thing is, I just went to their store two weeks ago and got a new bra and a free underwear. They sent me another coupon a week ago which I may or may not be using. Too bad it's only redeemable in-store!

Anyhow, I guess I will miss this time. I will just wait for their Semi-Annual Sale. I am sure it won't be long! I'll get more for my money's worth and that's what I am up for! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

More Coupons From Victoria's Secret!

I just went to the mall a week ago to redeem my coupons from Victoria's Secret that they sent me. A free underwear and $10 off a bra. It was so nice to get a brand new bra from them, I needed a new bra and buying it from them with a coupon was a big deal for me for I love their BRAS and undies even if they're a bit pricey but thanks to the coupons that they sent me, I was able to afford it..

Anyhow, I got another coupons from them in the mail today which I think is really nice. This time I got a coupon for free full-size VS Fantasies Mist, a $10 off a Bra and a Free umbrella with a purchase of $65. I don't care about the other two really. $65 is a lot of money to spend just to get a free umbrella when I can spend less than $5 to buy a brand new umbrella that can perfectly protect me from rain or sun. And as far as the $10 off a Bra coupon, well, I just got a new bra last week and I haven't even used it yet, so I am gonna forget about that.

On the other hand, the free mist is what I would really like to have! But the problem is, the VS store is about an hour away from where we live and it would be a waste of gas if that's the only thing that I would be going there for. The good news is, these coupons wouldn't expired until some time next month. Maybe by that time, I will have enough and money of course to go to the mall and redeem my coupon! :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cute Dresses That I Can Never Wear!

pictures are from Forever21.com
As much as I would like to buy these cute dresses pictured above, I just couldn't for I do not wear dresses that are above the knee. I am so self-conscious of showing my legs for I have these disgusting scars that I got when I was a kid! The only kind of dress that I wear is a maxi dress. It's because it's long and it covers my legs and hides my scars.

Some of my friends have told me to not to worry about it that it's not even noticeable but I just do not have the guts to do it. Even my husband keeps encouraging me to wear shorts when we go out but I always refuse. The only time I can wear shorts or above-the-knee dresses is when I am just around the house...

But anyway, if you are interested on any of those dresses, you can get it at Forever21. They are on sale right now for less than $10 each....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung indeed! Today is officially the first day of spring. It is beautiful out there, sun is so bright except for the wind is blowing a little harder than usual that it kinda give chills to your skin, in other words, it's a bit chilly out there but sunny!

Anyhow, yesterday was gorgeous but chilly day as well. Me and my youngest son went outside to get some fresh air and a little bit of sunlight. I brought my camera with me because I wanted to take some pictures of the Daffodils and Hyacinths that are blooming at our driveway. These are just few indications that spring has officially started which a lot of people including me, has been looking forward to see!

Anyway, here are few of the pictures from yesterday...these are just few of the things that I love about Spring! I hope you'll enjoy the photos as much as I did! ;)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Coupons To Entice Me To Shop!

Isn't it so sweet of GbyGuess for sending me these coupons, one for me and supposedly one for my friend! It would have been a very nice gesture if I don't have to spend $75 to redeem it. With me being just a stay at home mom, making a little bit of money by blogging, $75 is a lot of money and hard to earn you know. I really don't know what to think or what to do with these coupons. I mean sure, I would be glad to give the other one to anybody who is willing to spend $75 just to redeem it. 

But not sure yet if I am keeping "my $25 coupon" or should I just get rid off it as well? If I can combine it with free shipping I might just reconsider it and I'll have to wait when they'll have additional 50% off sale items so I would get a lot out of my $75! We shall see!

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Haul From The Mall Yesterday

I love what I bought from Victoria's Secret yesterday! I bought a new PINK bra for $19.50 which originally priced at $29.50 but I had $10 off a bra purchase coupon. I also got a free hiphugger underwear using a free underwear coupon, plus I got a secret reward card. So for what would have been $42+ purchase, I only paid a little over $20. Not that bad of a deal in my book, so no regrets purchasing these stuff!

On the other hand, I wasn't so thrilled of what I got at Wetseal! I got two tops and paid $22+ for them. A lot of money for just two tops and considering that they're both 60% off! I mean I love them, I think they're really cute. I would have not bought them if I thought they weren't cute but I should have thought about it thoroughly. I would have probably got a better deal buying it online because they were still having additional 60% off clearance plus free shipping. But the damage is done, no turning back! I got it now and I'll just have to make the best out of it! :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gorgeous Day!

I'm always thankful for every gorgeous day we get. Today was another one and I think I just heard on the news a few minutes ago that we will be having another beautiful day again tomorrow! Now that the spring is just about a week away, I'm hoping to see more days like this! :)

Broken Again!

It was such a beautiful day today, thank GOD for that! So my husband decided that it's the perfect day to get in his bulldozer and try to fix my mother-in-law's yard since it is still leaking water from her pond. But before he can even start his dozer, he noticed some leakage and when he checked it out closely, it is the hydraulic valve that is wrong with it!

I'm telling you what, I have never seen anything that gets broken as much as his bulldozer does! He invested so much money and his time fixing this thing and I don't think it will ever stop! I think it is better if he'll just get rid off it but I don't think that will ever happen!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Using My Guess Handbag Finally!

I finally decided to use my brand new Guess handbag that has been sitting in my closet for several months. I bought it last year online at guess.com. It was on sale for a little over $48, it may still sound a lot but the original price was $128. It was more than 50% off and that's what I call a bargain! Deals like this is hard to come by especially when it's a name brand like Guess.

Anyhow, when the handbag arrived in the mail, it's not that I didn't like it, but I suddenly changed my mind about keeping it. So I decided to list on yardsale on Facebook. But nobody was really interested on it which I am very glad because now that I used it the other day, that old feeling that I had when I first saw it online came back and now I am loving it. Love that this handbag is big, it is very spacious inside. I can put a lot of my junk in it! LOL!

And I also love the fact that the color of this handbag is neutral, it just means that I can pretty much match it with any colors that I want! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chocolate Cream Pie

This Chocolate Cream Pie is not made from scratch. It comes in a kit and is very easy to make, no baking needed actually, all you do is mix the stuff and put in the fridge and you're all set! I'm really not into desserts but I'd say this one tops all the desserts that I had. What I like about it is, the sweetness is just perfect to my liking. I cannot stand anything that is very sweet, it hurts my throat sometimes.

Anyhow, the brand of this Chocolate Cream Pie is Nestle. I think it's one of those things that only comes out during Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was hunting this last Christmas and couldn't find any. I thought that they'd discontinued it but to my surprise, about a month ago, I saw three boxes at Walmart and immediately grabbed two of the boxes. It's priced at $4.99 each which I think is not that bad considering how good it is. 

The next time I went to Walmart, I didn't expect to see it again but they had a bunch out, I bought another box. I should've bought more than one box because the last time I went there which was about a week ago, I was gonna buy more but to my disappointment it wasn't available anymore! I had 3 boxes total and already used 2 boxes, so I only have 1 more box left! I'll be saving it for a while. I don't need to be eating this especially when I am trying to lose weight but it is just so dang good that I can eat one slice after another!

Anyway, here are two more shots of it below...please help yourself and take a slice... :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Coach Signature Nylon Large Packable Weekender

I am just so tempted to purchase one of these Coach Signature Nylon Large Packable Weekender totes. I guess it's one of Coach latest trends. What I love most about it other than it's brand and style is, this tote is very compact, it can be folded and can be stored in a pouch that comes with it. Just perfect since I do not have anymore space in my closet. As you can see, it comes in so many different colors.

I guess it's a good thing that most of it are not available anymore, even the ones that says "almost gone". I just keep looking at it and GOD knows that I do not need to waste my money on things like this. Maybe next time when they'll have more color available and perhaps they'll come down on the price a little bit. It is still a bit pricey although it is 50% off!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

We Had Fun Outside!

I'm always thankful whenever it is gorgeous outside. Today was another beautiful day that I didn't want to miss it, so me and my boys went outside to enjoy and take advantage of the gorgeous day. We stayed about 30 minutes, letting my youngest son have fun by walking back and forth at our yard.

Afterwards, my oldest son decided that he was going to visit his nana which lives just next door, so I let him go because I was wanting to back inside anyway. Before me and my youngest son went back in, I spotted that the bird food that oldest son made from their Cub Scout was almost gone and I can see there were still some birds hanging around trying to scrape what was left behind. So I decided to grab my camera and took some pictures of the birds. Not really sure what bird they were but it was so amusing watching one of the birds trying so hard to get some bird seeds.

Anyway, below are a couple of photos of the bird. I also spotted that some of my purple Hyacinths are sprouting and blooming. I guess spring will be here very soon! I can't hardly wait!

This little birdie is working so hard to get some of the those bird seeds...

I think it knows that I was sneaking around to take some pics, so it flew up on the tree..
Nice to see some colors in the yard...

Friday, March 8, 2013

African Violets

Before I ever came here in the US of A almost 8 years ago, my husband already has African Violets, I'd say about two plants. He loves African Violets and I don't blame him, they are just beautiful! Now he's probably have about 8 or 10 African Violets in different colors. Me and my mother-in-law gave him some of those when there was an occasion. As much as my husband loves those plants, he put a stop to buying him those plants when there is an occasion because we were running out of room in our indoor greenhouse.

Anyway, pictures above are the blooms on one of his African Violets. They just keep blooming. I guess they love my husband too. This may sound crazy but whenever my husband waters them, he always talks to them and love on them and in return they give him beautiful blooms! I even do it to my plants too and it really works! Try talking to your plants and you will be amazed of how good they'll do! ;)

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Am Missing Philippines More!

Seeing these shells earlier just made me miss Philippines more. I brought it with me when we visited in 2009. I want to go visit and see my family again! It has been almost 4 years since the last time we were there. It's not a good feeling having to deal with homesickness. If only we had the money to go right now, we would have been gone a long time ago, enjoying the white sandy beach and of course the fresh seafoods of any kind that you want to eat! Just name it and it's probably there! 

I am getting really hungry thinking of the time when we were eating the heck of these shells when they were still alive freshly caught from the ocean! Nothing beats a freshly caught sea foods! Anyway, I am gonna start saving up some money for that purpose as soon as I pay off my debts!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Very Cute But Too Loose

The shoes that I ordered a week ago came yesterday and to my disappointment, they are about half an inch bigger. I ordered the size 8 which is my correct size but unfortunately, they are a little too loose. It is the first time that this ever happened. All the shoes that I've ordered online before were all accurate, so I am really disappointed this time!

I mean I could still wear it, but it will come off every time I take a step and I am not planning on having to worry about it coming off each step I make. That will be uncomfortable and I am about being comfortable on what I have on. So I asked one of my friends on facebook who also live about an hour away from where I live if she would be interested in those shoes. I sent her the picture and she liked it. The only problem is, she's got bigger feet than me and it's not for sure yet if these shoes will fit her. 

We planned to meet again before this month is over, to be sure that the shoes will fit her. I just hope it will because it don't, then I'll be stuck with them! :(