...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Friday, March 8, 2013

African Violets

Before I ever came here in the US of A almost 8 years ago, my husband already has African Violets, I'd say about two plants. He loves African Violets and I don't blame him, they are just beautiful! Now he's probably have about 8 or 10 African Violets in different colors. Me and my mother-in-law gave him some of those when there was an occasion. As much as my husband loves those plants, he put a stop to buying him those plants when there is an occasion because we were running out of room in our indoor greenhouse.

Anyway, pictures above are the blooms on one of his African Violets. They just keep blooming. I guess they love my husband too. This may sound crazy but whenever my husband waters them, he always talks to them and love on them and in return they give him beautiful blooms! I even do it to my plants too and it really works! Try talking to your plants and you will be amazed of how good they'll do! ;)

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