...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chocolate Cream Pie

This Chocolate Cream Pie is not made from scratch. It comes in a kit and is very easy to make, no baking needed actually, all you do is mix the stuff and put in the fridge and you're all set! I'm really not into desserts but I'd say this one tops all the desserts that I had. What I like about it is, the sweetness is just perfect to my liking. I cannot stand anything that is very sweet, it hurts my throat sometimes.

Anyhow, the brand of this Chocolate Cream Pie is Nestle. I think it's one of those things that only comes out during Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was hunting this last Christmas and couldn't find any. I thought that they'd discontinued it but to my surprise, about a month ago, I saw three boxes at Walmart and immediately grabbed two of the boxes. It's priced at $4.99 each which I think is not that bad considering how good it is. 

The next time I went to Walmart, I didn't expect to see it again but they had a bunch out, I bought another box. I should've bought more than one box because the last time I went there which was about a week ago, I was gonna buy more but to my disappointment it wasn't available anymore! I had 3 boxes total and already used 2 boxes, so I only have 1 more box left! I'll be saving it for a while. I don't need to be eating this especially when I am trying to lose weight but it is just so dang good that I can eat one slice after another!

Anyway, here are two more shots of it below...please help yourself and take a slice... :)


  1. i really hope i could take a slice! that looks good, and the nice thing about it is it's no-bake cake. i'll try to find that here, but that's such a remote possibility considering that it's always out of stock at Walmart.

    Visiting here for Wednesday Whites.

  2. yum yum yum cake Momi :-) would love to try that delish cake...will check our local Walmart in case if they have available :-)

    Wednesday Whites :-)

  3. Wooow that looks tasty! I'm hungry now.. Thanks for joining WW always sis! Sorry for missing an entry last week. Anyways, hope you are playing again this week-- linky will be up in a bit.