...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Saving All My Pictures On DVD

I've been having this feeling for a while now that my laptop is about to go dead. I have been saving all the pictures that I took that are saved on my laptop on a DVD so in case if my laptop will just die suddenly I won't lose any of it.

Although they are already saved on DVD, I am still thinking of duplicating those DVD's so I will have multiple copies just in case! So I found this dvd duplication services at disc2day.com that I might try to use to duplicate the DVD's, they seemed very reasonable. I need to get this done before it will be too late!

How To Be Fashionable Without Breaking Your Budget?

Unfortunately, I can't advise anybody yet on how to do that because I am still trying to figure it out myself! LOL! It is just so ridiculous how much money I've spent these past few weeks and I keep saying there's not gonna be a next time and the next thing I know I am adding stuff to my cart while browsing my favorite stores. I keep telling myself it's okay to do it since I am not going to purchase them anyway but I always end up purchasing what's in my cart! 

This kind of addiction really sucks when you're in a tight budget even if all the items in your cart are on sale or clearance it will add up! I really believe that it is possible to be fashionable and updated to the latest trends without making a whole in your pocket, it just that I get carried away easily and I really do need to learn how to have a self-control! I guess my husband is right, I do have a very addictive personality!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Debt Relief

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Redeemed My Free VS Mist And Panty From VS Yesterday

I am always up for free stuff, who doesn't anyway? Free is always good but I do have limitation. If I see that I do not have any use for it, I wouldn't hesitate to turn my head away. I mean what's the point of having it if you're not going to use it in the first place? But, when it comes to free underwear or mist like Victoria's Secrets sent me weeks ago, now that's a different story! LOL! I can always use a sexy underwear from them! And the mist, even though I do not use it, I can always save it to send to my family in the Philippines! They love VS there and they're only able to acquire things like that if I send it to them. I want to send them a package hopefully before this year ends.

So anyway, yesterday I finally redeemed my free full-size mist and a panty. I had a lunch date with a friend and decided to head to the mall afterwards for the purpose of redeeming my coupons and check my favorite stores as well. Well, I ended up spending $25 at Wetseal which I wasn't planning at all but they had the buy one get one for one cent sale and couldn't refuse to go in to check their clearance! So I found this chiffon Floral-print belted top and ended up buying it together with some fashion jewelry! I couldn't believe that I spent that much for just one top and jewelry! 

I don't know what's going on but recently I've noticed that I am into so much fashion jewelry now and when I check my fave stores online, that's one of the things that I look for. It is really odd because I have never liked wearing fashion jewelry. I mean sometimes I do wear some but very rarely but now it's like I just want to accessorize whenever I go out! I guess I am getting influenced seeing these people that look really good on them. Well nothing wrong with that I should say! But that just means that I'll be spending more money on things that I wasn't interested before! LOL!

Anyhow, below are my free mist and panty from VS and what I bought at Wetseal...

Freebies from VS! I love it!

Floral-print belted top. I can't wait to wear this top!

..and finally, borloloys! lol!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meeting Up With A Friend

Earlier today, I had to meet up with a friend who lives about an hour from me. We had lunch at a Chinese buffet and actually got to talk longer. This is our 3rd meeting, the first two was in a hurry because she had to leave her 6-month baby in the car with her husband. So today was so much better, we had all the time in the world to chit chat plus I finally got to see the baby up close and got to hold her! Oh she was just so pretty and adorable! It was actually making me wish for a little girl of my own! LOL!

But anyhow, unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures. I did bring my camera with me but forgot all about it because we got carried away in our conversation. I had such a great time! Anyway, pictures below is what I had on today...

My top and shoes are newly bought that just came last week from Wetseal. I decided to pair it with a purple skinny jeans from Forever21 because I was planning on using my purple crossbody bag, I thought they'd match but they're in different shades. My sunglasses however was the same color of my jeans. Oh the crossbody bag was from G by Guess and sunglasses from Firmoo that I got for free!

I decided to use my crossbody bag for a more comfortable walk in the mall. That's where I headed after having lunch with my friend. It was only me and my youngest son. I wanted to redeem my free mist and panty from Victoria's Secrets because they were about to expired. Those alone were worth going to the mall plus I got to check some of my favorites stores there and actually spent money at Wetseal which I will be posting later!

Anyhow, that's how I spent my day today. I was basically out all day, didn't come home until it was pass 5pm. I had a good time although it was very exhausting! Hauling an 18-month old will surely get your hands full for sure!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I've Gained Weight

Looking at these pictures above made me realized how much weight I've gained in just a few months. I tell you, I feel so hungry all the time and no matter how much I try to control myself to avoid the temptation it doesn't work most of the time! For a while I was maintaining the weight of a 113 lbs, that's the lowest I've gone down after I had my second child. But now I weigh almost 120 lbs and I am trying so hard to get if off and go back down to 103 lbs, that was my weight before I had my second child. Even if it's hard and I've failed so many times, I won't stop trying until I get back to that weight and that's a very important promise to myself!

Anyhow, pictures above were taken last Sunday after mass. It was very cold that morning so I had to wear a coat. I had on a plaid coat from Belks, long-sleeve button down shirt from Wetseal, a Lee Pipes skinny jeans that I bought in the Philippines when we visited last 2009, a wedge ankle boots from F21 and Cognac color designer-inspired slouch handbag. I accessorized this outfit with a triangular earrings and butterfly necklace both from G by Guess and lastly, I wore a Pandora-inspired charmed watch bracelet from Century21 outlet online.

Most of my accessories are mismatched but to me that is what fashion is all about and the feeling of being comfortable of what you have on!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Floral Photography

 Spring time is one of my favorite seasons, it's because it is when everything starts blooming! I always have fun taking pictures about everything that I see beautiful in my eyes! The other day, I went outside for a stroll, took my camera with me for I know that I would see some thing that I'd like to photograph and sure enough there was plenty for me to take pictures of. In just less than 30 minutes of being outside, I took almost 200 pictures! Mostly are flowers! I mean really, who can resist the beauty of the flowers? Even the weed flowers are beautiful up close!
Anyhow, below are few of my favorite shots for that day. They are SOOC or straight out of the camera. I wish I have time and knows how to edit them, one day I will learn, it's just now is not the right time for me. But anyway, I think they are still beautiful in my eyes edited or not!



Bumble Bee trying to suck nectar...

Crab-Apple blooms...

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Cute Pair Of Shoes That Hardly Fit!

My order from Wetseal a week ago came today and it is another pair of shoes pictured above (sorry for the low quality pic) and a top. I really love these shoes and that's why I bought them. Unfortunately, once again, they're about half an inch too big on my feet! These shoes feels really comfortable so that's why I decided to just keep them even if I have to stuff kleenex or paper in it! LOL!

Anyway, that's one of the drawbacks of buying online, you can never really tell if it's the perfect size even if it's in your size. It really never is accurate! But I never had any problems buying shoes from Wetseal until just recently. My previous shoes purchases from them were just perfect, don't know why they're about half sizes bigger now! Ughhh! Oh well, nothing I can do it about and as long as I love it then it's FINE!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Glossy Tint Lip Sheen From VS

There are only few things that keeps me coming back to shop at Victoria's Secrets and those are their beauty products like make-up, lotion, mist, sometimes perfume,  and bra and underwear. I love their bra and underwear and as much as I would like to buy the ones that I really like, I just couldn't afford it for it is very expensive. I am only able to buy one once in a while when I have a coupon.

But anyway, my recent order from them came today. I used my $10 secret reward card to buy four of these Glossy Tint Lip Sheen. They were on sale for 2/$15 or 4/$20. I have been eying it for a while and never really bought one to try it because the price was still kinda expensive for my budget. I don't particularly like their Lipgloss because the color just don't show much but the Lipstick however is really nice and bright! 

I originally wanted to buy their Lipstick but it's just too expensive for $14 each. So I decided to buy these Glossy Tin Lip Sheen instead and got four and paid about $17 including shipping and tax, that's after I used my $10 secret reward card, plus I got a free sample size of their newest perfume, so it's not that bad actually.

Anyway, I tried the color Knockout Red on and I am just so impressed of how pretty and vibrant the color is. I usually don't like the color red on me but somehow this particular color has a different shade of red that I really like! Too bad that it only comes in 4 different colors, I decided to buy two of the red ones because the other color I didn't really like. I was planning to sell the other red but after I had tried it on, I think I am just gonna keep because I really like the way it looks on my lips! LOL!

And another thing I love about these things are their tips looks like crayons! LOL! That's the very first thing that caught my attention when I first saw it on Victoria's Secrets' website. It actually reminded me of crayons which is very unique in my opinion!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Prefer SOOC Or Straight Out Of The Camera Photos

Well, the only reason why I prefer SOOC because I don't know how to edit yet! LOL! Nah just kidding! But I would really like to know how to edit using photoshop, I just do not have the time to do it right now. But I also love the pictures that I take SOOC!

Anyhow, below are some of the newest flowers in my garden that I just planted yesterday. They're SOOC which are still beautiful in my eyes! The 35mm lens that I got last Christmas really makes a difference. The picture comes out naturally sharp! It's what I use most of the time now!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these beautiful flowers!

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Luxury Apartments In Paris

There's no doubt about it, it is Spring time for sure! The weather has been so friendly lately, well except for that heavy storm that we had the other day but I prefer it better than having a snowstorm! At least the next day, we were still able to go somewhere although our driveway had washed out, but if that was a snowstorm, we would be stuck in the house for sure!

But anyhow, now that summer is fast approaching, I am sure a lot of people is getting ready for a summer vacation. If you are already planning a trip to Paris and haven't found a place to stay in, how about a nice luxury apartment? You can click here for paris luxury apartments and choose the perfect one suitable for you! I wish we can go somewhere even to the beach but with our financial situation right now, it would be impossible. But I am sure one day, we will be able save enough money for a nice family vacation!

Friday, April 12, 2013

More Beautiful Than I Have Expected!

Finally! After an all day of waiting, the UPS came about pass seven and finally delivered the Coach handbag that I have been so anxious to receive all day! I was so worried that they'll cancel it for today and deliver it tomorrow instead. It happened before and of course they had to blame it on the weather even though the weather was fine but thank goodness that wasn't the case this time!

Anyway, I'm am so madly in-love with my new handbag! It is more beautiful that I have expected, the color especially, just perfect for Spring and Summer! Oh gosh I can't hardly wait to use but it's not gonna be anytime soon. Perhaps on mine and hubby's 8th year anniversary which is gonna be in 2 weeks! We shall see! 

Anyhow, I snapped some pictures of my new baby and here she is below...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Finally Broke Down And Bought A Coach Handbag

Well, after weeks and weeks of avoiding not to do it, this morning, I finally broke down and bought a Coach handbag! I am really bad at breaking my own words but the handbag that finally got me was just too pretty to ignore, plus the price was not that bad. I paid less than $85 for it. I know that is still a lot of money but for it's brand and style I thought it was worth it. 

Anyway, so here is the handbag below that finally made me do the unthinkable! LOL!
{images not mine}
What first caught the attention was the color. Oh gosh I can't wait to see this in person. I hope it is as pretty as in the picture or prettier! This was actually on clearance for only a little over $65 and thought that was a great deal considering that this handbag is a pretty good size, about 14 inches in length! By the time the shipping and tax was added at the checkout, I paid less than $85. I don't think I would ever regret buying this at all. Besides, I sold the Guess handbag for more than I expected and I used some of that money to buy this handbag so I'm entitled to it! ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Weather Finally!

I couldn't be any happier for the beautiful spring weather that we've been having these past few days! This is how it supposed to be over 2 weeks ago! The temperature is just perfect to wear something light like I have on in the picture above. I am just so glad that I decided to buy this Peplum Blazer, bought it from GbyGuess online. Love the color as well, it is just the perfect color for Spring! 

Anyway, pictures above were taken last Sunday after the morning mass. Sunday is my picture day! LOL! That is my day to look somewhat decent. I wear make-up and dress up a little bit. Anyway, I had on, like I mentioned above, a peplum blazer from GbyGuess, just the perfect piece to wear to knock off some of the spring chill in the morning. Underneath was a black tank top from Forever21, butterfly necklace and earrings (not visible in the picture) from GbyGuess as well, jeggings and ankle boots from Wetseal and a Guess handbag from Guess.

I don't want to sound so conceited but I really like the outfit that I wore in the picture. The blazer did something to make the whole outfit not too casual. Just appropriate enough for church. I don't know if you all know what I mean, it's like it is simple but not too simple, you know what I mean? LOL!

Anyhow, I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful spring weather lately as much as I am! It actually got so hot inside the house earlier that I had to turn on the ceiling fan and opened some windows but looking forward for more weather like this!

Would Love To Go Home For A Visit!

Everybody seems like going for a vacation and see their family in the Philippines. I can't help but to feel upset thinking about how long ago was the last time I visited my family back in the Philippines, 4 years to be exact. If money isn't an issue, I would have been there already. 

Plane tickets are getting expensive as what I've heard, but one of my friends gave me one of the travel business cards of her travel agent. She said, they are much cheaper compare to the others. Well I'll save it, I might be able to use it some time in the future when I save enough money to go back to my native land to see my family once again!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Tulips has been one of my favorite flowers in Spring time. Every time I go to the store, when I see some Tulips, I always get the urge of buying more although I am very aware that I do not have any more place to put more plants in my the garden. But I always have some kind of excuses that I can squeeze it somewhere. 

So here are two of the newest Tulips that I just bought at Walmart the other day. An orange and purple ones. When I bought them, they weren't blooming yet. I did not want to buy one that's already bloomed, so I picked out these two, the buds were still closed. And now they're starting to open up and looking so pretty in my pot. Oh yeah, I found a place to put them, in a pot. 

I decided to buy more Tulips since the ones that are already planted in my yard although they've sprouted but hasn't bud yet. I wanted to add some colors in the yard since it is Spring already!

Anyhow, here are two more close-up pictures of my newly bought Tulips below...I think they are just gorgeous! What do you think?
Gorgeous orange Tulip..

What a lovely purple Tulip this is! Agree?

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Friday, April 5, 2013

I Want It Bad!

~image not mine~

I have been eying this Coach Crossbody bag for a couple of weeks now, that's how bad I want it. I have been so tempted to go ahead and buy it but my financial situation is not permitting me right now. If I'm lucky, maybe next month I will be able to buy it, now is just not the right time to do it since I just spent money a week ago and also last night. Maybe if I can sell the handbag that I just bought at gbyguess online, I will be able to use that money to purchase this crossbody bag.

Anyway, handbag is one of my addictions, you know us (women) just couldn't get enough of them. I probably don't have as much compare to others but I have enough to last me a lifetime I guess but for some reason I am still not satisfied with them! Sounds familiar? LOL! I am pretty sure I am not alone on that!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Customized Feather Flags

Signs are really important when running a business. It doesn't matter if it is a short or long term business. Signs can be a crucial piece of having a successful business. Even if your are just running a yard or rummage sale, putting a sign on the side of the road can make a huge difference of how much you'll earn. When people see a good yard sale sign, they will be intrigued of what kind of treasure they can find!

I know it always works on us (me and my mother-in). We are always up for a yard or garage or rummage sale. It doesn't really matter if it is a home made sign, it is still important because signs usually determines the date, time and even the location of the said event.

There are so many things you can use signs for and they usually comes in different varieties. If you want a more professional looking sign, you can always order it through a local printing store or order it online. Getting the right one I guess depends on the event. There are so many different signs that you can buy, one of the popular ones are the feather flags. This is usually use in a more professional business like in real estate, car dealerships and more. It's because this particular sign is big enough to attract people's attention. 

Anyway, if you are interested on the feather flags, you can just click the link provided to see more of it. Plus you can also customized your own feather flag signs! This also reminds me to check on their available signs that I can customize. In less than 2 months, our church will be hosting our annual rummage and baked sale and signs has always been an issue since we first started. I am thinking seriously to suggest to the guild if we can buy and customized a sign for that specific event since we do it every year. I think it's a good idea but of course I'll have see what the other members opinions about it. They might have a better suggestions than me!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ducks In The Park

Before proceeding, I want to thank the host of the Wednesday Whites first for featuring one of my photos from my entry last week. I am truly flattered to be featured on there. Thank you very much!

Anyway, for this week's entry, I found this picture of these two beautiful ducks while I was going through one of my albums on Facebook. I thought it would be a perfect entry for me since I have been longing for the Spring weather to come. This picture was taken over 2 years ago, it was Spring time, we stayed there for a while after my son's field trip.

The park was one of the prettiest ones I have seen yet in our area. I love that it was a lake-side park, it was just so relaxing to be there. I am planning on going back there again now that my youngest son can explore around and appreciate the fun things that's in that park.

Anyhow, below is one of the snapshots that I took. It has been edited but trust me, it is truly beautiful there especially in Spring time while everything is blooming!

A Honda Car Would Be Perfect For Me

Living here in America is almost the complete opposite of living where I originally came from and that is the Philippines. I've been living here for the past 7 years and it will be 8 years this coming 27th of this month. We live way out in the country so it is really necessary to know how to drive. In the Philippines, I didn't have to worry about knowing how to drive since we live in the city and public transportation of any kinds is available at all times.

 Thankfully my husband is retired, so he is home with me 24/7 and I didn't have to worry about learning how to drive for how many years. But even with my situation where I had to depend on him and my mother-in-law to drive me where I want to go, it was still important for me to be able to drive. It took me about 6 years to finally get my driver's license.

It was sure a nice feeling to finally have the driver's in my hands. Although I don't have my own car yet, I am using my husband's car since he doesn't go out much often. I am the one who does the grocery shopping, take the kids to their doctor's appointment and it is sure is a nice feeling having able to do all these things without having to depend on other people anymore.

Well, I'm not completely off the hook yet. What I mean is, since we currently have one car and it's my husband, whenever I want to go to the mall or meet with friends, I still have to ask his permission and not all the time he's able to let me drive his car. It really sucks sometimes, I really need my own car. I have been looking for a fairly cheap cars and came across this honda dealer chicago online. They've got some really nice looking used cars for a very reasonable prices. I asked my husband if we are allowed to buy cars from outside the state and he said yes but I don't think it is necessary to do that. I am sure I can find a honda dealer locally. 

But anyway, I have decided that for my first car, it will be a Honda brand. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I still have a long way to go but I am gonna keep on saving my money until I will be able to afford one!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

$800 Coach Handbag

image is from coachfactory.com
I am so addicted to anything that has animal prints. From tops, dresses, shoes to handbags. Anything that has animal prints, rest assured I will be interested on it. I was checking the coachfactory's website and stumbled upon this very cute Ocelot Haircalf Tanner Tote. The original price was $1,600 but it was on sale for $800 and I cannot believe that I fell for that and purchase the handbag! I am crazy when it comes to animal print! My husband would kill me if he finds out that I spent that much money on handbag! Ughhhh! What am I gonna do now? An oh, there's something else....


Never in a millions years will I ever spend that kind of money of purse!!! I would love to have that handbag though, I really find it cute! But I just don't have that kind of money but even if I did, would never spend it on it!