...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Day Out With Hubby

Me and hubby went out today to do some errands. I originally did not want to go but then I remembered that I had to get some stuff for my son's birthday this coming Friday. We will be surprising him when he comes home. He don't have any clue that I will be cooking and decorating, good thing that he's got to go to school that day or this birthday surprise thingy won't be possible.

So anyway, it was an errands that had to be done, and as usual we were in a hurry to get back home. I was gonna finish weeding our yard today but hubby had something planned to do and nobody can watch my youngest son because my oldest was with my mother-in-law who picked him up at the bus since we weren't home yet to get him. It will probably about next week until I can finish this yard thingy because I will be super busy in the coming days, preparing for my son and mother-in-law's birthdays and then my friend's baby shower on Sunday.

Anyhow, when going somewhere like this where we had to get back right away, I don't see the point of taking my time to look pretty and nice. I just wear whatever comfortable I can grab in my closet. So earlier today, this is what I wore below...

A striped tank top by Poof, I paired it with jeggings by Mossimo. I decided to tie my hair in a bun which my hubby really hates. He likes it better when I let my hair down but today I was in the mood to have it in a bun because it was kinda hot today and I also wore my over 4 inches heels orange flip flops from Victoria's Secrets, I used my G by Guess purple crossbody handbag and a dark aviator sunglasses from Firmoo that I got for free.

All these color combinations were inspired from my top. As you can see, the stripes had orange and purple colors and that's where I coordinated my orange flipflops and purple bag. I also coordinated my dark sunnies and dark jeggings, so in my opinion everything worked out fine! And as soon as I got these pictures taken I was ready to go! :)

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