...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Traveling Can Be Stressful!

Traveling can be really stressful especially when it is such a long way to your destination like New Zeland. I've always wanted to see that place, I've heard that is such a beautiful country! A friend of mine just went there for a vacation not too long ago, they stayed at this very cozy apartment queenstown which she highly recommended to everybody for she said it was such a very nice, relaxing and customer-friendly apartment!

Well perhaps I will take her word for it but it will be a while before we can travel there for we don't have the money to travel anywhere for now. I got so many things plan but it's the money is the problem. One of my goal is to try to petition my mother to come live with me but that will be a while since I am not even a US citizen yet. But when that happen, I have to make sure that she will have a Blood Pressure Monitor with her because she's got a High Blood Pressure problem! I would really hate if she encounter that problem in the plane, but that's gonna be a while like I said. Got to save some money first before I can even apply for my citizenship.

Anyway, my cousin was asking me about Recruitment Agencies that she can possibly apply to work abroad. I told her that it's not easy to do it unless if you have the experience that they required and of course the money for all the expenses involve! It's really getting bad back home and everybody is wanting to go abroad to work but it's just not that easy!

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