...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yellow Loafers To Match My New Yellow Crossbody Bag

image from zooshoo.com
I bought these yellow loafers to color coordinate with my yellow crossbody bag that I will be getting tomorrow as a Mother's day gift from my husband. It was more than what I intended to pay for a shoe but this is the only one that I really liked! I've checked all my favorite stores online and nothing really caught my attention as much as this one. I really like the pointy style and the metal toe trimming is plus! It made it so much cuter just enough to not to get too overwhelmed with the color yellow. And in my opinion, these shoes can be worn as casual and dressy and that is my deciding point why I chose this pair even though they were kinda out of my price range!

Anyway, I am getting really anxious for my new Coach bag to come tomorrow. I love how fast they shipped it! Well for a $10 shipping fee that I paid for it, I should be getting it this fast and they also guaranteed on their site that it will arrive before Mother's day.

As far as my shoes, I am very excited for it too, it's already been shipped and I just checked it online it's not really showing anything yet. I will probably get it early next week since I didn't pay a high price shipping fee for it, it was actually free shipping. So I won't be upset if it won't come this week!

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