...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aeropostale Has Another Satisfied Customer In Me

I bought some clothes at Aeropostale.com a week ago which cost me $55 including shipping and tax. I have been trying hard not to spend that much money online. If I do find some good deals, I try not to spend over $20! But last week was kinda a different story! I couldn't refuse the additional 40% off they were offering on  clearance! I've avoided the 25% and 30 % off they offered a week before and good thing that I didn't get tempted for I got a much better deal last week with the 40% off!

I was so thrilled to see the blazer that I've been eying for weeks and weeks was still available! I also bought 2 jeggings and 2 t-shirts that I intended to buy for my sisters. But when my packaged arrived few days ago, I am debating if I'm giving the t-shirts to them or keeping it for myself! They are so cute and fits perfect! Gosh I am so bad! LOL!

Anyway, Aeropostale has another satisfied customer in me for I love everything that I bought especially the blazer and the jeggings! It was my first time to ever buy jeans from them and I tell you, the material is very soft, plus the colors are great and fits perfect on me! I won't dare buying their jeans when it's not on sale and without additional discounts because they are almost $50 a piece! Yikes! I just couldn't afford that! But thanks to the sale plus 40% off, I got the jeans for $9 each! And the blazer, originally priced at $74+, it was on sale for $26+ and with 40% off, I got it for a little over $16! I couldn't be any happier with my purchase last week ! Although I paid more than usual, I still consider it a bargain! :)

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