...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Intelligent Quartz™ Fly-Back Chronograph Timex Watch For Free!

When I posted about I might be getting a free Timex watch several weeks ago, I was a little skeptical if it's really true. I mean nobody would just give you a free stuff these days especially if it cost over $100 and no string attach! But lo and behold the watch came earlier than expected. Instead of waiting 6 to 8 weeks like it said, the watch arrived in the mail probably in one week! When I saw that it was from Timex, I couldn't be any happier and excited! I picked out a men's watch so I could give it to my husband for his birthday this coming Halloween and that watch just came in time! My husband would be very surprised when he sees this watch for it is truly beautiful! And take note, I got it for FREE! The price tag on this watch on Timex website is $165! 

Please note that this is not a review for Timex. This is just my way of showing my appreciation for giving me a beautiful and expensive piece of watch for free! So you can click the link above to see the real price on it and see that I am not lying about it! 

Anyway, here are more pictures below that I took right after I opened it! Don't worry, my husband have not seen it yet! He did see it when I was picking the watch. I showed it to him to see what he'd think about the watch but I didn't tell him that I was getting it for him and his comment was "That's a good-looking watch right there!". So I know for fact that he is going to love it!
A little note from Timex

By the way, the conversation started on twitter. Timex said that they liked my style and that's why they wanted to give me a free watch. If you want to follow them (I don't know if they are still giving away a free watch), you can follow them @TimexStyleWatch on twitter! Like I mentioned above this is not a review! I am just thankful to them for giving me this beautiful watch!

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