...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two Victoria's Secret Undies For $1.30

I just bought two Victoria's Secret undies online and only paid $1.30 out of my pocket because I used two $10 Secret Reward Cards. As you may all know already, you can only use one Secret Reward card per transaction, so I had to do two checkouts to buy the 2 undies using secret reward cards!

I've earned 5 Secret Reward Cards, all 4 are worth $10 each and 1 is worth $100. I've given one of the $10 cards to my friend and I still had 3 left. I just hated the thought of not using them or let them expired on December 20 for I spent some money to earn those cards! So I decided to spend two of the cards but without having to spend more than how much the card is worth. I went to their clearance and looked the cheapest item they have and found the panties for $3.99 each! I added it in my cart, checked out using the secret reward card and paid 65 cents for each underwear including shipping and tax! 

I could have probably got more if I had used them in the store but unfortunately, the nearest VS store is about 45 minutes drive and I was not about to go through all that trouble just to use those secret reward cards! Anyway, I still have one $10 left, I am saving it so I can combine it when my real gift card comes, then I will have $10 more to shop! ;)

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