...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guess Interchangeable Straps Watch

[Image NOT MINE!]
I have been wanting to buy a Guess watch that have interchangeable straps but I couldn't find one that is affordable enough. The ones that I've checked out were almost a hundred bucks which I am not willing to pay at all! Well a few days ago, I could've ended my search. I found this set which is pictured above at Guess Factory online. I so love the design on the actual watch itself and having 4 interchangeable straps is a big plus since most of the ones that I checked only had 3 straps.

Anyway, I could've bought this set for less than $80 including shipping and tax but I thought it was still a lot of money so I took some time to think about it really hard and when I knew for sure that I wasn't going to regret it later, I decided to buy it the next day! But when I went online to buy it, the dang thing is not available anymore! How lucky is that?!

Anyhow, I couldn't keep myself from thinking about the freaking watch, my mind keep saying that I have to have it. So I been searching online for the same set and found several on ebay. But they are way more expensive than what I could've paid for it. One seller was offering best offer. I made my best offer but unfortunately it wasn't enough so I guess I am just gonna forget this watch and continue on my search! Another lesson learned for me that if I want something that bad and found it to just go ahead and buy it and not contemplate it!!!

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