...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What I Got For Less Than $25 OOP After 4 $10 Secret Reward Cards

Six full size VS hydrating body lotion (one not pictured), three PINK shimmer body mist, two VS lip crayons and 2 VS lip glosses are what I got for less than $25 after redeeming my 4 $10 Secret Reward Card!

I personally think, this was a great bargain! I combined my secret reward cards with their promotion of that time, which was buy 2 select beauty products get 2 free! So I ended up getting the products basically for free and only had to pay for shipping and tax!

Secret reward cards cannot be combined in one transaction, so I had to do 4 different transactions, which I had to pay $5.99 standard shipping each transaction plus tax! So the less than $25 out of pocket that I had to pay was the total for four different shipping fees and tax!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thanks To Online Music Stores

Thanks to online music stores, that a lot of people who are into music can buy all the musical instruments, equipments or accessories that they need right in the comfort of their own homes! I mean, who needs to beat the holiday chaos in the store when you can buy and have it delivered at your doorstep? There are many options you can choose when buying online, you can compare prices from different stores and pick which has more affordable prices and best quality that fits your needs! I don't know about you, but I'm sure am glad that I can buy something online, anytime, anywhere!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Don't Forget To Redeem Your Secret Reward Card(s)

Today is the first day to redeem secret reward cards, so don't forget to redeem yours even if you only have one, who knows it could be worth $500! I already checked all my 4 secret reward cards and they are all worth $10! I was hoping at least one would've worth $50 or $100 like before! LOL! Oh well, better luck next time I guess!

Anyway, these cards won't be going to waste! I will be redeeming them to the VS store at the mall if I can hitch a ride with my friend! Haha! I can use these to buy a few items that I can give out as Christmas gifts!

Pioneer Serato

If you are looking for a compact and affordable addition to your setup, this pioneer serato is the perfect find! This DJ controller/mixer is a 2 channel, but has the capability to control 4 decks! It also works as plug and play with the use of Serato DJ software for a very easy set up! This also comes with hardware controls and performance pads for a full control of the many features of the software! So you get so much for a very affordable price!

Monday, November 16, 2015

I Love Getting Freebies From VS And B&BW!

Victoria's Secret is so generous when it comes to giving out free stuff in forms of coupons sent in the mail! They sent me so many coupons for free stuff the past several months and was only able to redeem one of those free coupons because unfortunately, the nearest store is about an hour drive from where I live! If only the store is closer, I could've have gotten more free stuff from them! But I love the full size mist that I got to redeem on Halloween, thanks to my friend and her hubby for the free ride to the mall!

I also received a coupon from Bath & Body Works for a travel size signature item and another coupon for $5 full size signature item. I bought the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body cream for only $5, thanks to the coupon, regular price was $13! So I hauled almost $40 worth of stuff and only paid $5 for all of it! Isn't that a bargain?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I Need A Noise Isolating Headphones!

Sometimes, it is hard to relax in this household with so much things going on. Now that I am pregnant for 3rd time, I am not tolerating the noise very well. I get so irritable easily! I feel sorry for my boys because I've been snapping at them for making so much noise when all they're doing are being kids. I might have to find a best noise isolating headphones to solve this problem! It will be a win-win situation between me and my boys!

My Zinnias Are Thriving!

Now that summer is almost over, my Zinnias are the only flowers that gives color to our yard! They are really thriving which I am so glad! I love seeing them in the yard. Not only me that loves them, the butterflies as well!

Anyway, Zinnias are not perennial but they should come back next year from the seeds that had fallen off from the flowers, that is if the winter won't kill the seeds! Hopefully, I will see them again next year!

Monday, August 10, 2015

DIY Cabinet Refacing

One of the things that I love doing is DIY projects! There are so many things around this house that needs replacing and upgrading. One example of that is our cabinets! The stains on them are really coming off.

There is nothing more I would love to do than refacing our cabinets with this oak veneer! I really love the finish and the way it looks! Only if we had the money right now. It always comes down to money issues why we couldn't do what we need to do!

My First Time Buying Michael Kors Bag!

As much as I would like to keep this handbag for myself, I just couldn't! I need the money more than the handbag! This is my first time buying a Michael Kors Handbag! There were having 50% summer sale last week and my friend showed me this handbag that was on sale for only $89! So I grabbed the opportunity to buy two, the Vanilla and Brown (not pictured) colors with the intention of relisting it on Ebay!

The brown one already got sold online and this one is still pending for purchase, so even if I want to keep it for me, I couldn't because it is already reserved for somebody! I am just so proud of myself because I don't have that urge anymore of buying handbags when I don't need them like I used to do. But I still ended up selling those Coach handbags anyway because I haven't used them, they were just sitting in the closet, taking up space and we needed the money bad. We are having a financial meltdown this year! So my way of helping is selling stuff on Ebay. Not really much but at least I am trying!

Playing With His Old Electric Guitar!

My husband is all geared up about playing with his old electric guitar! He pulled it out in the closet about two weeks ago and has been playing with it constantly. The sound kind of reminds me of a bunch of teenagers in a band practicing in a garage, but in a good way!

I am glad he's having an amazing time playing with his guitar. I am sure it brings back a lot of memories of the days when he was in a band. Just today, we went to a music store to buy strings for his guitar so he can replace the old ones, he also bought new guitar picks.

While we were there, he saw this sennheiser e609 guitar microphone, he was so tempted to buy it, but it was just too expensive to buy it right now! So I will keep that in mind. I might be able to get it for him for his birthday this year. I have plenty of time to save up some money!

It Has Been A Busy Week!

It has been a busy week in this household! With back-to-school is fast approaching, one week from now to be exact, I am glad that I am done buying school supplies for my soon-to-be 4th grader! There are going to be two of them now that are going to school this year. 

Like I mentioned on my previous post, my youngest son will be going to school as well, but we haven't bought him any school supplies since we do not what supplies he will be needing. We will find out after "Meet the Teacher" day, which will be held some time this week! 

Anyway, I am excited for my boys to go to school, but at the same time, I can't help to feel sadden as well. It will be so quiet in this house without my youngest son. I still cannot believe that he is going to school this year! I am going to miss him so much as well as the big brother! I love them both!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

He Will Be Going To School This Year!

We received a very good news last week that had us all very excited! My youngest son who is 3 and a half years old will be going to school this year! We are all very excited about and so does the soon-to-be schoolboy! He asks everyday if it's time to go to school yet, he's just too excited that he couldn't wait anymore! He is so looking forward to riding the bus with his big brother!

Anyway, this weekend is tax-free back to school shopping. That would be the perfect opportunity to shop for school supplies and save a little bit of money. Now that there's two of them, I am sure it will be a bit more expensive. I haven't bought him a backpack yet, but I might buy his first school backpack at this website that I stumbled upon online! They do personalization so that would be an awesome idea to have a personalized backpack for his first time! I am so excited for him also!

My Second Original Oil Painting

It has been a long, long time ago since I did my very first original oil painting! I have been wanting to do another painting but I kept putting it off since I didn't have all the materials to paint and I kept saying that I'll buy more canvas and oil paint colors that I ran out. But over 7 years had passed and I still hadn't done it until a week ago! I wasn't so sure if I still know how to do it or if I've forgotten all the technique that I've learned from watching Bob Ross video. 

So my husband decided that I should refresh my memory by watching more Bob Ross video and I did and I really think it helped me a lot although I am not that satisfied of the outcome of the painting but I really still think it's not that bad considering I haven't had any practice for several years!

Anyway, I would have loved to share the painting on here but I decided to join it in a contest and one of the rules is the painting haven't been shared to any social media platforms. So just to be cautioned, I am not sharing the photo of my painting until the contest is over! I am fully aware that I am not gonna win, but I just wanted to experience something like that because I have never experienced it before! As soon as the contest is over, I would really love to post my painting on here! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

They Are Interested In Playing Keyboards!

So my boys just received a surprise presents from their nana (grandmother) the other day! When they saw the two keyboards sitting on the table, their expressions were just priceless! My 9-year old has been telling us how he misses playing with his toy keyboard which I got rid of a few years ago. So my mother-in-law decided to buy them keyboards so they will have something to occupy them while learning something other than playing video games!

They immediately wanted to play with them, they spent a few hours trying to learn! I tell you the Live Sound of the keyboards is really amazing! I loved listening to them even though they were just playing random notes!

Anyway, my 9-year old spent several hours playing his keyboard that night. He was very eager to learn the song "Aura Lee" and he actually learned how to play it in that short period of time which I am so proud of! Hopefully he'll learn more songs!

I Turned 29 Years Old!

Over 2 weeks ago, I celebrated my 29th birthday! Yeah I know I'm getting old! LOL! But I really don't feel old at all! Before my 29th birthday, I got really worried that I'm almost close to 30 and to me being in the 30s is old! No offense to anyone! LOL!

But I realized that age is just a number and what counts is how you feel inside and I tell you, I definitely feel like I'm still in my teen years! LOL! I don't want to sound so conceited but there have been a lot of people that thought I was less than 18 years old! Even my husband tells me sometimes that I look 14! Haha I wish!

Anyway, picture above was taken on my special day. My family took me to an authentic Mexican restaurant to celebrate my birthday! I am so thankful to GOD for giving me another year to spend with my family!!

I Would Love To Have This Wicker Patio Sets

I am so thankful to my mother-in-law for building us a new and bigger porch! This was one of her Christmas presents last year to us! The picture above was taken last year after the porch just got done, that is why it looks empty! 

Anyhow, I love hanging out on our new porch! It is so roomy and plenty of place to sit down while getting some fresh air, looking out at the view, listening and watching the birds or reading a book! I know my boys love hanging out on there too and playing, there's definitely plenty of room to run around!

Anyway, I would really love to make our porch look appealing and make it an outdoor living space where we can have a family time and be more comfortable and relaxed! I would love to put an area rug and this Gorgeous Wicker Patio Furniture | Home and Patio D├ęcor Center! Well money is a little tight right now but as soon as we get a little break, rest assured I will make this possible!

I Love Gardening!

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is gardening! I love to plant beautiful flowering plants as well as vegetables. This year my husband and I planned to have a big vegetable garden so we can start canning but unfortunately, we weren't able to do it, so we ended up having a small garden!

Anyway, even though our vegetable garden aren't as big as we planned, I still love it for we are able to pick fresh veggies for free! My husband also has an hydroponic garden and I'm telling you, the plants gets so darn big! Here are a few pictures of some the veggies that are growing in my husband's hydroponic garden...

Lettuce and Spinach

The only head of lettuce that was left...we've been eating them almost every night!

Harvest from yesterday....the last head of lettuce, 3 cucumbers and 1 squash...all from hubby's hydroponic garden!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Buy A Plastic Trombone Here!

If you happen to be looking for an affordable but made with quality plastic trombone, here is your chance to get one before they run out of stock. This site offers an affordable plastic trombone that you can choose either new or pre-owned! Please click the link above to read more about the features of the product!

So Jealous Of My Mother-In-Law's Roses

I used to have a lot of Roses plants but most of them died last winter except for 3! These roses in the picture above are my MIL's roses that are beautifully blooming right now and you dang right I am so jealous of them but not in a wrong way, if you know what I mean! I was actually the one planted these roses and my mother-in-law thinks I have a green thumb that's why they are thriving and why she always wants me to plant her flowers! LOL!

Anyway, I am definitely taking cuttings of these roses. I found an easy way to do it and I want to try it out for sure! Hopefully it will work. That way I don't have to buy more rose plants to replace the ones that died!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

He Missed Playing With His Electric Guitar

My husband used to play in the band when he was a lot younger. He loved playing the bass guitar. In fact, he still have his old electric guitar hidden in the closet. He hadn't had the time to play with it for a very long time.

He told me the other day how much he missed stroking his bass guitar fretboard and that he wished he had somebody to jam with! I told him that if teach the boys how to play, they will be able to do it together! But my boys are not really showing any interest right now. My oldest son is busy playing baseball and my youngest son who is only 3 1/2 years old still have long ways to go!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Mother's Day Celebration!

My Mother's Day celebration started two days before the actual day! I received an early present from my family courtesy of my mother-in-law! She took me to a nursery and bought me a new Butterfly Bush plant because mine died this year! I thought it was so sweet of her to do it. And then the next day, my 9-year old son brought home this beautiful handmade card they did at school. It really touched and melted my heart when I read his handwritten message!

On the actual day, I went to church with my friend and her family. My boys decided that they'll just stay home. Although I would have preferred that they go with me but I didn't insist on it. It was actually nice to have a time by myself without having to worry about them misbehaving. After church, my friend and her husband took me with them to eat at the Chinese Buffet and then we went to the newly opened Outlet mall nearby! When I got home, my boys had another round of presents for me to open. They were just small presents but it had a big impact on me! How nice and sweet of them!

Anyway, below are actual pictures of the presents and of course of me on Mother's Day!

I decided to wear a floral maxi dress which I thought was appropriate for the occasion because Mother's day is mostly associated with flowers! I am so glad that I forgot to send this dress I am wearing in the picture. I was gonna send it to my family in the Philippines but totally forgot to put it in the box. I have not worn it until the other day! I sure feel beautiful in it. I uploaded this picture on facebook and a lot of my friends commented how beautiful I look which really flattered me! I don't wear dresses or put make up on every time I go out, only on occasions like this. Sometimes it's really nice to look and feel pretty every once in a while!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sports Betting For An Easy Cash

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with sports betting as long as it is done in moderation! Sports betting is getting really popular as a way of supporting your favorite team as well as earning a fast cash! Although I have not tried betting on any sports, I am sure there are many sports betting website that you can bet your money on. But the question is, which ones are accurate in their Sports Predictions?

There is a website that specializes on that. They have professional team who have 10 years of experienced in predicting sports accurately! Once they have their final predictions, you will receive it directly to your email or via SMS! So if you want to know more about this site, just click the link above!

Beautiful Underwater Scene!

This beautiful underwater scene is one of the hundreds of pictures that I took at our visit to Ripley's Aquarium at Gatlinburg, Tennessee last March. It was my 3rd grader's field trip and we decided to come along to since we were getting a bargain on the tickets! We only had to pay $8 per person instead of $26! Now isn't that a bargain?

Anyway, that was my first trip to an aquarium and I enjoyed every minute of it. That explains the hundreds of pictures that I took. I just want to capture every little details in case we won't be able to go back, but I really hope that wasn't my first and last visit!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I Love Looking At Home Decorating Sites!

One of the things that I love doing online when I have free time is to check out home decorating websites. In fact, I am subscribed to a couple of home decorating page on facebook. Every time they post an update, if it is something that interest me, I always check out and sometimes I envision the designs that I see to my own house! 

There is this website that I bookmarked so I can go back to it and look at their home furniture that are on sale! I do not have the money to purchase that ones that I like right now but one day, I will be able to afford them! For now I am just satisfied looking at the things that I would like to put in my own home! I just love that this website has great selection!

Victoria's Secret Underwear For 65 Cents!

So I just checked my two secret reward cards the other day and both were worth $10 each! Instead of giving it away like I used to do, I bought an underwear online that was on clearance for $3.99. After shipping and tax, I only had to pay out of pocket 65 cents! I would have preferred using the secret reward card in their store and got more stuff but unfortunately, it is just so dang far from where we live! So getting a VS underwear for basically almost nothing and have it delivered to my house is not such a bad deal!

Bobcat Accessories

If you are looking for that perfect mouthpiece puller without damaging or leaving any marks on your brass instruments, the bobcat accessories is the perfect one for the job! This piece is so uniquely designed that its adjustable jaws are precision-machined to fit most brass instruments. This is rated as best seller so hurry up and get yours now before it runs out!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weeping Cherry One Week Later

So this is what my mother-in-law's Weeping Cherry looks like one week later! This tree is really beautiful in person, the picture doesn't do it justice. You got to see in person to appreciate its beauty!

Actually this one needs several more years to grow to make it bushy. Compare to the ones that I've seen around here, this tree is just a baby! But still the blooms are just beautiful!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weeping Cherry

This week's entry for Pink Fridays are these pink Weeping Cherry buds. 

 This Weeping Cherry tree we gave to my mother-in-law about 8 years ago. It was only about 3 ft. long when my husband and I bought it at a nursery! I didn't even how tall this tree have gotten! It's probably 10 to 12 ft. long now!

Anyway, below are close-up pictures of the buds...

This tree is absolutely beautiful when it fully blooms and I cannot wait to see it!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Learn How To Prevent Blood Clots From Becoming Deadly!

Not many people are aware that blood clots, as simple as it may sound, if not treated right away can be harmful and can cause an untimely death!

The American Blood Clot Association is a non-profit organization nationwide who volunteers to educate people on how to prevent and treat blood clots! Reading about this on their website can help someone learn what symptoms to look for to self-diagnose and avoid some very serious or deadly circumstances in the future!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Welcome Back Pink Friday!

I am really happy to see Pink Fridays is back! I have always enjoyed posting an entry every week! So I am dedicating this post to Pink Fridays as a "welcome back" entry! I also chose this pink Tulip since spring is gonna be here soon and I am so looking forward to see this beautiful flower blooming outside!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Victoria's Secret Famous Secret Reward Card Is Back!

 For those avid Victoria's Secret shoppers who didn't know about the Secret Reward Card is back, head to their site now to get 2 secret reward cards with a $10 purchase. Usually you will only get one for every purchase. Today is the last day to get two, just enter SECRETBONUS at checkout to get additional card, so this is guaranteed $20 worth!

I got mine yesterday, I bought 2 PINK nail polishes on sale for $5 each! My total including shipping and tax was less than $20, so this is actually a moneymaker! Plus if you're lucky enough, one or both of the cards could worth up to $500! Wouldn't it be nice? 

Anyway, there is also another bonus that you can win by getting secret reward cards. This time there are "Sexy Surprises" Victoria's Secret is offering by entering your secret card numbers to their site! You will be entered to a drawing and prizes will be revealed at a designated date or every 10 days if I'm not mistaken! You can check it out on their website!

So excited for mine to come so I can enter their drawings for the "Sexy Surprise"! I'm also excited for my new nail polish, love the colors that I chose! Just perfect for spring time!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

African Violet Blooms!

Picture above is one of my husband's African Violets that are blooming right now! Isn't it beautiful? Seeing these beautiful flowers makes me despise the winter even more! A lot of people are so fed up with the cold days and want spring to be here already, myself included! My 3rd grader have missed 2 weeks of school days because of the snow that we had and now they're gonna have make up days to fill the days that they've missed!

Don't get me wrong by the way, I think winter can be very beautiful and I have enjoyed some of the winter scene that we had here. It's just that, it snows so much where I live that people here get feed up with it. Maybe if it only snows 2 or 3 times, we would enjoy it more and would even ask for more!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Adore Me Lingerie Set Just In Time For Valentine's Day


I received this complimentary lingerie set by #Adore Me from Influenster #XOVoxBox for free in exchange for my honest opinions. I was not given any additional compensation to write this review!

Valentine's day is less than 5 days away! A lot of people are getting excited for this day to come since it is the month of love! My husband and I already discussed what we will be doing for Valentine's day which is NOTHING! LOL! We agreed that we won't be doing anything special, perhaps exchange cards and little presents but as far as going out to celebrate it, nah...that'll be out of the question. We are really having hard time financially so we are trying to cut back on dining out! Going out to eat is very costly especially when there are five of us including my mother-in-law! It won't be fair for the kids and my mother-in-law if it's just me and my husband to go out and eat! So it'll be better for everybody to stay home and celebrate it cheaply at home!

Anyway, speaking of saving money, there is nothing better than receiving something for free! Just like this lingerie set from Adore Me. Like I mentioned above, this was given for free in exchange for my honest opinions. But I guarantee you that my opinion has not been swayed or influenced in any way for getting this free product! This set is originally $39, now would I buy it if I had to pay that price? Probably not with our current financial situation right now. But if I had the extra money, I would in a heartbeat!

Anyhow, I have not tried it on yet but the way the material feels, I know I am going to love it! It feel so soft and smooth to the touch. The panty features a lacy trims which I'm sure would be comfortable to wear. The bra is very lightweight so I know it will be comfortable to wear as well! I am very excited to try this on, this is a good Valentine's present for me and perhaps for my husband! (wink!, wink!) LOL!

Anyway, right now they are offering a special Valentine's day promotion, if you become a VIP member, your first set of lingerie is only $25 and if you order by February 11, you still get your first set in time for Valentine's day with their free express shipping! Plus a free lace mask with any order using VDAYMASK code! So head on to their website to take advantage of all these savings!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ms. Colombia Is The 63rd Ms. Universe Winner!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Colombia Paulina Vega for winning the 63rd Ms Universe beauty pageant held last night live in Doral City, Florida!

I was originally rooting for my home country Philippines but she only made it to the top 10 which is still pretty good consdering there were over 80 beautiful ladies competing for the title! I would have love for Ms. USA to have won but I just had the feeling that Ms Colombia would take the title and I was right!

Anyway, congratulations to all these beautiful ladies! As far as I'm concerned they are all winners!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yay Or Nay?

This year, we've fallen into financial hardship! My husband and I have been figuring out as to what to do to boost our monthly income a little bit. I am selling stuff online but it's not even enough to help out a little. So hubby started mentioning that I should start selling painting. That maybe a good idea for somebody who is an expert and have been doing it all the time, but in my opinion, not really for somebody like me who only did it 5 times and have been out of practice for over 5 years! I am not even sure if I still know the technique!

But I told him that I would try as soon as I get new canvas and oil paint! Anyway, this morning, I posted my first original painting that I did over 5 years ago on Facebook and asked my friends for their opinions if I should pursue selling my paintings locally and online or should I just forget the idea? So far, 3 people have responded that I should do it which I really appreciate! But I cannot help to think that they probably feel obliged to reply since we're friends or am I just overthinking? Lol! I really need some stranger's opinions!

So please, if it doesn't take too much of your time to comment YAY or NAY about the painting above. I would greatly appreciate it!