...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Adore Me Lingerie Set Just In Time For Valentine's Day


I received this complimentary lingerie set by #Adore Me from Influenster #XOVoxBox for free in exchange for my honest opinions. I was not given any additional compensation to write this review!

Valentine's day is less than 5 days away! A lot of people are getting excited for this day to come since it is the month of love! My husband and I already discussed what we will be doing for Valentine's day which is NOTHING! LOL! We agreed that we won't be doing anything special, perhaps exchange cards and little presents but as far as going out to celebrate it, nah...that'll be out of the question. We are really having hard time financially so we are trying to cut back on dining out! Going out to eat is very costly especially when there are five of us including my mother-in-law! It won't be fair for the kids and my mother-in-law if it's just me and my husband to go out and eat! So it'll be better for everybody to stay home and celebrate it cheaply at home!

Anyway, speaking of saving money, there is nothing better than receiving something for free! Just like this lingerie set from Adore Me. Like I mentioned above, this was given for free in exchange for my honest opinions. But I guarantee you that my opinion has not been swayed or influenced in any way for getting this free product! This set is originally $39, now would I buy it if I had to pay that price? Probably not with our current financial situation right now. But if I had the extra money, I would in a heartbeat!

Anyhow, I have not tried it on yet but the way the material feels, I know I am going to love it! It feel so soft and smooth to the touch. The panty features a lacy trims which I'm sure would be comfortable to wear. The bra is very lightweight so I know it will be comfortable to wear as well! I am very excited to try this on, this is a good Valentine's present for me and perhaps for my husband! (wink!, wink!) LOL!

Anyway, right now they are offering a special Valentine's day promotion, if you become a VIP member, your first set of lingerie is only $25 and if you order by February 11, you still get your first set in time for Valentine's day with their free express shipping! Plus a free lace mask with any order using VDAYMASK code! So head on to their website to take advantage of all these savings!