...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

...a blog about fashion and photography rolled into one...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Used Alesis DM5

There is nothing wrong with buying used items especially when you are on a budget. I have good news for drummers who are in need for a alesis dm5 electronic drum module! Here's a chance to get a used but still an amazing piece of equipment that will help you sound like a pro! Why pay a full price when you can have something basically as good as buying a brand new one! Jut because you're on a budget, it doesn't mean you have sacrifice the quality!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Looking So Adorable With The Handmade Bows!

Look who's looking so adorable wearing the handmade bows that I made! I have been making hairbows for my little girl, I just wish that I had different colors! I am definitely going to look online for cheap wholesale bows that I can buy so I can make more in different colors and designs!

I have not crocheted anything for her, I am focusing more on making hairbows. I do miss crocheting but I have to buy more yarns in order to be able to make something for her again!